Comments are welcomed and, indeed, celebrated with a small dance at my computer. I am very much a baby blogger, and I know I’m getting stuff wrong. Please feel free to correct me at will, with or without tact!

First-time comments go through moderation, so I can adapt my dance to suit a first-time commenter. This is my blog, so I will be deleting comments I think are unacceptably rude, sexist, ableist, racist, homophobic etc, or that I just don’t want to read. Sorry, but like I say, my blog, my rules. Feel free to go complain anywhere else on the internet, or come back and comment again! I also get to ban people for no good reason if I so wish, because it’s my blog.

Thank you, and Cyril the sock monkey says hello and welcomes you with sock-monkeyish grace.


2 thoughts on “Comments”

  1. I absolutely love your writing. You should put all of these together and have them published. I will definitely recommend your blog to many friends. Please keep writing, and do be proud of yourself!
    Very Best wishes x Lisa

  2. Lovely blog Alice, very well articulated on some difficult topics. Keep up the good work! x

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